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The Faculty of Biotechnologies and Veterinary Medicine was founded by merging the faculties of Biotechnologies and Veterinary Medicine in 2012.

The Faculty of Biotechnologies started its history in 1930. It was first called as Animal Breeding. First animal breeders majored on Milk Production graduated from the Institution in 1933.

The Veterinary Medicine faculty was established in 1934. There was founded and operates a Vet Consulting and Diagnostic Centre. It includes an initial consultation room, a pet surgery room, an ultrasound scan and electrocardiography room, a laboratory for hematological, biochemical analysis and PCR, an X-ray room, a pharmacy, a pet boarding kennel.

The faculty has trained more than 9,000 animal breeders, animal engineers, 7,000 vet doctors. They serve in different spheres of animal production in the Republic of Bashkortostan, in Russia, CIS countries as well s in Afghanistan, Mongolia, Vietnam, Germany.

The faculty has four departments: