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Economics Faculty was established as the result of opening a new major on "Economy and Organization of Agriculture" in 1966.

The faculty consists of four specialized departments:

The main research areas are: Improving financial architecture of economic systems; development of guidelines to improve accounting and economic analysis of business activities in farm enterprises; development of rural economy based on optimization of agricultural and non-agricultural activities; Management of enterprise economy (finance) in farm enterprises; economic issues in development of farm production; improving economic and statistical assessment of priority areas in innovative economy.

Students of the faculty take an active part  in various regional and international competitions, contests, conferences, where they show good knowledge of their majors and win prizes.

Graduates of the faculty are in great demand in the labour market. A job of an economist has been always very popular and relevant, they can work in different fields and industries. In fact, there is no area where economists are not necessary or unpromising. They plan economic activities for a small department of an enterprise or a private company as well as conduct large-scale financial planning for economy of the whole country. The gained knowledge on Economics and work experience can be also helpful to start your own business.