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Farm Mechanization Faculty was founded in 1950 and became a real source of farm engineers as well as a base to develop new faculties and majors at the university.

The faculty has developed the following scientific fields:
(1) Improvement of technology and facilities for technical service of automobiles, tractors and mobile equipment;
(2) Development of resource technologies for machine parts recovery and hardening;
(3) Studies of agricultural machinery working processes, modelling of mechanized crop production processes.

There are the following innovative science and production departments: Research and Production Company "Bashdiesel"Laboratory No. 19 of Russian State Research Institute "Technical Service Technology and Means for fuel Injection equipment of car, tractor and combine diesel engines", "Repair.  Restore. Upgrading", "Engineering centre', small innovative enterprises "Vuz-techservis" and "Sputnik-al'ians".

Students of the faculty become winners and champions of many regional and Russian student competitions on different engineering subjects. The faculty's team has been a winner of many All-Russian student competitions on Theory of Machines and Mechanisms, Applied Mechanics and Farm Mechanization. 

The faculty has trained more than 10 thousand engineers.

At present, the faculty consists of five departments: