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Beyond study, BSAU students find themselves drawn to numerous concerts, dances, and sporting events. Various student organizations fill the calendar with additional social events.

The BSAU Youth Palace houses entertainment and creative activities for students and graduates in the University’s 1000 seat concert hall, including Freshman Day, Student Spring Festival, New Year parties, alumni reunion meetings, Miss BSAU and Mr. BSAU contests and a variety of other events. In addition to the vocal, musical, theatrical and dance groups, there is a tourist club, as well as many other projects in which BSAU students are actively involved.

BSAU students are provided with an access to participation in a wide range of varsity sports including football, basketball, volleyball, skiing, wrestling, boxing, judo, etc.
Students can attend several athletic facilities, such as the Sports Complex, a multipurpose arena and home to BSAU volleyball, basketball, and mini-football. Also available is a swimming pool, boxing, weight rooms, a jumping pit, chess and draughts club, ski lodges, open-air run tracks, an outdoor football field, 2 volleyball courts, open air grounds for tennis, volleyball and basketball, etc.